How to add a favicon to your blog

31 May 2012

If you were like me and you are thinking “What is a Favicon????” then don’t be alarmed – it is a brilliant little thumbnail which adds a unique identity to your blog.  Favicon is short for Favourite Icon. It is shown in the URL in the address bar of a browser. Normally they are thumbnail size which is equivalent to 16 x 16 but can go up to 128 x 128.

All you need to do is find a favicon generator, as your file needs to be in ico. format and be a square image.  I used which is very simple and easy to use.  Once this is done and you have saved this to your PC you can then upload this onto your blog.
1)      Login to your blogger account .
2)      Go to Design and then the Layout tab.
3)      You will see in the layout in the top left there is a gadget called Favicon.
4)      Click Edit and upload your new Favicon.
5)      Once uploaded, click save.
Remember that it can take up to 3 days for your new favicon to show on your blogger.

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Diamond Jubilee Cupcakes Part I

30 May 2012

To celebrate Liz's 60 years in reign, I thought some Diamond Jubes cupcakes would be the perfect addition to your Jubilee celebrations this weekend.
Follow these easy steps in Part I to create some Jubilee themed cupcake wrappers and toppers.

You can download the template for these here.  I found this great little website which provides templates for a whole Jubilee Party, go check it out!

Part II will be posted later this week with a fail-proof cupcake recipe along with icing the cupcakes and adding the wrappers and toppers.

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Study Mode

29 May 2012

It is that time of year for me - my exam is looming.  It was only what feels like the other day that it was still 2 months away but now the 3 week countdown has begun and I need to get a move on.  But to my horror of horrors I have no motivation whatsoever to sit down and revise.

This has forced me to ponder over ways I can get myself motivated - I thought I might share them with you in the hope they might help some other poor souls out there who may be going through this terrible time.

1. Everyone knows that the location of your studying is vitally important to be able to concentrate and get the work done.  This is a sore point for me - I tend to study on the couch, under a blanket - books scattered everywhere with the cats chewing my highlighters and my other half playing FIFA on PS3.  I know that this is not ideal but it works for me.  I do get distracted sometimes but I despair when I think of having to shut myself in the spare room at my desk all alone.

2. This leads me onto my second point - distractions.  I always have better things to do than studying - it could be anything from tidying up, baking, writing a card or watching my favourite TV program.  I cope with this by getting this all done so I have nothing to think about or distract me while I am studying.  Obviously if one of your distractions are going to to take hours out of your study time then you need to prioritise but mostly get the little things out the way so all you can concentrate on is revising.

3. Know what you need to study so you have a rough idea what you need to get through.  If you go in blind this can stress you out and make you disheartened.  You do not need to make an elaborate revision timetable, just simply write down what you need to cover.

4.Figure out what works for you to help with remembering your subject, I love using colours, mindmaps and trying to make studying as fun as possible.  Sometime though, if I am struggling to understand something I simply write it out a few times to get my head around it, then once I am comfortable I understand what I am writing in my mindmap, I get creative.  There is no point wasting your time colouring in, highlighting and drawing if this is not going to help you remember the subject in the exam.

5. Finally - this is a tough one but - have faith in yourself and believe in your ability.  This is no easy task and exams can be overwhelming and just plain daunting but there must be a reason you are doing it - and it will get you that one step further to that goal.  If you get too stressed or anxious - take a break, have some chocolate or a cup of coffee and chat to a friend/family member about how you are feeling!

Good Luck and ... 

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Girls Day Out

28 May 2012

On Saturday, we sent my dear friend Rita off in style as she prepares for her wedding in 5 weeks.  Rita decided on Go-Karting for the afternoon and then we went out for a lovely dinner and a few drinks in the evening.  It was a perfect day filled with laughter, friends, lots of sun, good food and drinks. 

There is no need to say that I was rubbish at go-karting and came second-last if not last!  But the main thing was that all the girls loved it - even in nearly 30 degree heat!  At supper we played a few games which were fun and ha a few giggled, Lenka then presented Rita with her t-shirt filled with advice from all of us.  Thank you to everyone for making Saturday such a memorable and fabulous day!

Wishing Rita all the best for last of the planning for the next 5 weeks. 
May the wedding(s) be filled with moments you can treasure forever.  And remember, you don't marry someone you can live with - you the marry the person you cannot live without.

I do not yet have the photos from go-karting and will add these into the post once I get them.

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Sugarboo Designs

25 May 2012

I came across these beautiful pieces of art when I was walking around one of my favourite places - Burford Garden Centre.  Sugarboo Designs is a company run by Rebecca Puig and her love for art really shows through her pieces.

The aim of the company is to create products that remind people of the ones they love – a mission accomplished in every lovingly crafted piece that bears the Sugarboo name.  While Sugarboo is based in the US, there is a wholesaler in the UK called Box Brownie Trading, which have a good selection to choose from.

Sugarboo Designs product collection consists of photoboxes, prints, signs, frames and even pillows.  Here are a few of my favourite products to give you a taster.

Photobox Collection

Art Prints
Pillows and Small Frames

Antique and Slatted Signs

I love things like this - little pieces of art that can make a house and home and have meaning and love written all over them.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you are doing.

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Tortoise in Love

24 May 2012

Today, the premier for Tortoise in Love takes place in Leicester Sqaure.  I had to let you all know about it, as the story of how this came about is amazing.

Guy Browning, resident of small Oxfordshire village, Kingston Bagpuize had an idea to make a film based on local eccentrics.  He shared the idea in the village meeting and everyone fell for it - hook, line and sinker.

The village became a live movie set, with all the villagers taking part from the local hairdresser providing hair and make-up services, young mums helped with the sales and design and publicity, retired folk provided the drivers, stewards, props and logistics support as well as the church choir providing the score.  Locals were all part of the crew and the Kingston W.I. even provided the catering.

Locals dontated as much as they could, either through cash or services rendered and a total of £500k was raised to contribute to the making of the film.  In exchange they got shares in the film and any future profits have been agreed to go to village improvement projects. How cool is that?!!

So - what is the film about?  Here is the synopsis for the movie - which I found on the movie's website.

Tom, gardener at the big house, is not a fast mover with women. In fact he's glacially slow. When beautiful Polish au pair Anya arrives for the summer, Tom falls for her catastrophically like the felling of one of the giant trees he cares for in the manicured grounds. Tom's adviser in matters of the heart is young Harry, abandoned by the rich owners of the house to run wild in the gardens. Harry's secret wish is for the Red Arrows to appear at the village fair: Tom's is to win the heart of Anya. Both seem impossible dreams until the whole village decides to lend a hand.

Definitely a feel good rom-com to get the hearts fluttering and I will definitely be going to see it at the cinemas when it comes out - the film is due to be released on the 13th July in the UK, so watch out for it!

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23 May 2012

The iPhone's camera is pretty awesome and allows you to snap good quality pics quickly and easily. With its 3 mega-pixel camera and autofocus you are guaranteed lots of fun while out and about. The fabulous apps which compliment the phone enable you to enhance your photos to give them that special touch. There are so many to choose from - I thought I would share my favourites and give you some examples of what they can do.
By far my favourite - its quick, easy and gives your photos that professional look in seconds. Top tips - click the lux (yellow sun image in the bottom left) button to enhance your photos and use the raindrop (top right) to use tilt-shift which refers to selective focus.

Created by Polaroid under pressure as they needed to release something due to imitations being produced. Honestly - its pretty uninspiring with its 12 filters and 12 frames but you can custom your text which does leaves you with a pretty little end product.

When I first came across this app it confused me and I did not gel with it, but I persevered and it is pretty awesome what with being able to change the lens, flash, film and even the case!

This little guide helped me a lot.

This funky little app which "emulates toy camera styles" and enables you to mix frames, light leaks and noises to create a beautiful result. 

Let me know if you have any favourites which I haven't included.

20 May 2012

My favourite thing at the moment -
It is amazing.  It gives an ordinary photo that extraordinary touch.
Here are a few of my favourite shots from the past few days.


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