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29 May 2012

Location: Shilton Park, Oxfordshire
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Quote: Guillaume Apollinaire

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  1. Everything you say here is so right - you have to study in the way you feel most comfortable. I could shut myself in a room, but with the door open, tuneful gentle music (classic or otherwise)nearby but in the background, and long-lasting food, like boiled sweets (later thse became cigarettes, don't try that one). And plenty of paper and pencils (not pens, too fast)for writing notes, important bits, names. Things I have written stick in my mind better than material I have simply read, or even typed). This is going back a long way, but when I need to learn something, this way still works for me.
    By the way, if it is a lot of physical work I have to accomplish, only the music changes - from gentle to more raucous like Styx, Chris de Burg, etc.
    Good luck on those exams Claire. I don't think you've failed at anything yet, so there's no reason to doubt yourself now.


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