How to add a favicon to your blog

31 May 2012

If you were like me and you are thinking “What is a Favicon????” then don’t be alarmed – it is a brilliant little thumbnail which adds a unique identity to your blog.  Favicon is short for Favourite Icon. It is shown in the URL in the address bar of a browser. Normally they are thumbnail size which is equivalent to 16 x 16 but can go up to 128 x 128.

All you need to do is find a favicon generator, as your file needs to be in ico. format and be a square image.  I used which is very simple and easy to use.  Once this is done and you have saved this to your PC you can then upload this onto your blog.
1)      Login to your blogger account .
2)      Go to Design and then the Layout tab.
3)      You will see in the layout in the top left there is a gadget called Favicon.
4)      Click Edit and upload your new Favicon.
5)      Once uploaded, click save.
Remember that it can take up to 3 days for your new favicon to show on your blogger.

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