23 May 2012

The iPhone's camera is pretty awesome and allows you to snap good quality pics quickly and easily. With its 3 mega-pixel camera and autofocus you are guaranteed lots of fun while out and about. The fabulous apps which compliment the phone enable you to enhance your photos to give them that special touch. There are so many to choose from - I thought I would share my favourites and give you some examples of what they can do.

By far my favourite - its quick, easy and gives your photos that professional look in seconds. Top tips - click the lux (yellow sun image in the bottom left) button to enhance your photos and use the raindrop (top right) to use tilt-shift which refers to selective focus.

Created by Polaroid under pressure as they needed to release something due to imitations being produced. Honestly - its pretty uninspiring with its 12 filters and 12 frames but you can custom your text which does leaves you with a pretty little end product.

When I first came across this app it confused me and I did not gel with it, but I persevered and it is pretty awesome what with being able to change the lens, flash, film and even the case!

This little guide helped me a lot.

This funky little app which "emulates toy camera styles" and enables you to mix frames, light leaks and noises to create a beautiful result. 

Let me know if you have any favourites which I haven't included. 

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