Lets begin shall we?

3 May 2012

So, this is my first post and while I am feeling very inspired and have so many ideas swirling around in my head, it seems a bit daunting to turn these ideas and dreams into actual posts and a blog!

I thought I would begin my blogging era with a post about my two cats who mean the world to me. Now this may seem a bit crazy to some of you but I know there are plenty of cat lovers out there who can totally relate!

Cats are a comfort and love you no matter how you are feeling or looking! You gotta love that. 
My darling cats are brother and sister. Lucy is the tortoiseshell spread out above - this is her favourite position and she loves a belly rub!
Henry is the more chilled out of the two and just takes life as it comes. 
You gotta admit - they are gorgeous!

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  1. love your blog Claire! No doubt your little brother is an Eames. Can definitely see your dad in him. Thanks for sharing! Kirsty xx


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