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10 May 2012

For years I struggled to find make-up that didn’t make my skin go red, blotchy or irritated.  I have tried so many brands and I was going to give up, I began to start coming to terms with having to leave the house au-natural.  But, I found the light which was bareMinerals.  And my life has not been the same since!
There range is fabulous and affordable.   bareMinerals is made with pure, crushed minerals from the earth – free from preservatives, talc, oil, waxes, fragrances and other chemicals that often irritate the skin.  There are many different items in the range but don’t let that deter you – they are all easy to understand and do fabulous things to your skin.
The Get Started Kits are a good way to get quite a few products for a good price and gives you a chance to try them out and see what works for you.  When I first came across bareMinerals, I bought the Get Started Kit which includes:

*bareMinerals Original SPF 15 Foundation in Fairly Light and Golden Fair 2g each
*bareMinerals Original Mineral Veil 2g
*bareMinerals Warmth All-Over Face Color   1.5g
*bareMinerals Full Flawless Face Brush
*bareMinerals Flawless Application Face Brush
*bareMinerals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush
*How-To DVD shows you how to Swirl, Tap, Buff® your way back to the skin you were born with
*bareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer 15ml
From this little pack, I now always have the Foundation, Brush and Primer in my make-up bag.  The Mineral Veil is an added luxury I think.  It is a transparent type powder which gives you a flawless finish but I find that the foundation does this already – it really does give a stunning finish with a creamy feel yet in a powder form. 

When applying bareMinerals, they have come up with the Swirl, Tap, Buff…© technique as follows:
1. Swirl a small amount of bareMinerals in the lid with the brush until all the bareMinerals are tucked into the bristles.
2. Tap away excess. There should be no visible bareMinerals on the outside of the brush.
3. Buff bareMinerals onto the skin in a circular motion, starting on the outside of your face near the cheekbone and swirling as you go. Buff around your face and then approach your forehead, cheeks and nose. Buff until you are satisfied with the coverage.

So... let me know if you any of you use bareMinerals or a similar organic make-up that us girls can use and make us feel like a million dollars.

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