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29 May 2012

It is that time of year for me - my exam is looming.  It was only what feels like the other day that it was still 2 months away but now the 3 week countdown has begun and I need to get a move on.  But to my horror of horrors I have no motivation whatsoever to sit down and revise.

This has forced me to ponder over ways I can get myself motivated - I thought I might share them with you in the hope they might help some other poor souls out there who may be going through this terrible time.

1. Everyone knows that the location of your studying is vitally important to be able to concentrate and get the work done.  This is a sore point for me - I tend to study on the couch, under a blanket - books scattered everywhere with the cats chewing my highlighters and my other half playing FIFA on PS3.  I know that this is not ideal but it works for me.  I do get distracted sometimes but I despair when I think of having to shut myself in the spare room at my desk all alone.

2. This leads me onto my second point - distractions.  I always have better things to do than studying - it could be anything from tidying up, baking, writing a card or watching my favourite TV program.  I cope with this by getting this all done so I have nothing to think about or distract me while I am studying.  Obviously if one of your distractions are going to to take hours out of your study time then you need to prioritise but mostly get the little things out the way so all you can concentrate on is revising.

3. Know what you need to study so you have a rough idea what you need to get through.  If you go in blind this can stress you out and make you disheartened.  You do not need to make an elaborate revision timetable, just simply write down what you need to cover.

4.Figure out what works for you to help with remembering your subject, I love using colours, mindmaps and trying to make studying as fun as possible.  Sometime though, if I am struggling to understand something I simply write it out a few times to get my head around it, then once I am comfortable I understand what I am writing in my mindmap, I get creative.  There is no point wasting your time colouring in, highlighting and drawing if this is not going to help you remember the subject in the exam.

5. Finally - this is a tough one but - have faith in yourself and believe in your ability.  This is no easy task and exams can be overwhelming and just plain daunting but there must be a reason you are doing it - and it will get you that one step further to that goal.  If you get too stressed or anxious - take a break, have some chocolate or a cup of coffee and chat to a friend/family member about how you are feeling!

Good Luck and ... 


  1. Claire, I know exactly how you feel! I am busy studying for my exams, too :/ Good luck - I hope you nail it :)
    ~ Kelly xxx

  2. thanks Kelly - good luck for yours too! And see you soon xxxxx


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