Sugarboo Designs

25 May 2012

I came across these beautiful pieces of art when I was walking around one of my favourite places - Burford Garden Centre.  Sugarboo Designs is a company run by Rebecca Puig and her love for art really shows through her pieces.

The aim of the company is to create products that remind people of the ones they love – a mission accomplished in every lovingly crafted piece that bears the Sugarboo name.  While Sugarboo is based in the US, there is a wholesaler in the UK called Box Brownie Trading, which have a good selection to choose from.

Sugarboo Designs product collection consists of photoboxes, prints, signs, frames and even pillows.  Here are a few of my favourite products to give you a taster.

Photobox Collection

Art Prints
Pillows and Small Frames

Antique and Slatted Signs

I love things like this - little pieces of art that can make a house and home and have meaning and love written all over them.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you are doing.

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