The Dreaded Lunchbox

9 May 2012

Something that I have become very fussy with as I have grown up is my lunchbox.  I want my food to be fresh and preferably not room temperature when I eat at work.  I want it not to have a funny smell and I do not want soggy bread (My worst nightmare) and I certainly do prefer fresh, crisp salad leaves.  So – what is a girl to do? Well, I came across this lunch bag which is Pretty Damn Awesome.  It keeps food fresh and cold and you can either store it at your desk or in the fridge.  It is a handy size but at the same time holds a lot of food and my travel mug for my coffee! Plus it is machine washable - it is made of wetsuit material.  And what’s more is that it looks cool!  However, it did cost me a small fortune.  When I told my husband that I had spent £27.50 (yes you heard right) on a lunch bag, his heart skipped a beat.  But in my opinion, it is worth every penny.  Isn’t it just beautiful – check out the range of Built lunch bags here on Amazon.
There are other options which are kinder to your wallet.  Aladdin Bento Lunchboxes are popular and come in a range of pretty colours with a double wall foam insulation which keeps contents hot/cold for 5 hours. Brilliant.  Plus it is microwave safe and leak-proof. They come in a set of two and link together as in the pictures on the side. Let me know what you think or if you have a lunchbox which would tick all our boxes?  Watch this space for some inspiring and unique lunchbox recipes to replace those boring sandwiches......

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