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23 June 2012

I love our flat, but I cannot wait to move into our new house which is nestled in a rural Oxfordshire village with views overlooking fields.  I looked around our little flat which has been home for almost 5 years and I took a few snapshots of my favourite things.  I am hoping to create a more farm/cottage feel in our new home but will definitely still have these little items out on display still.

A shelf in our kitchen with our travel guides, special wine bottles, cat treats and my gorgeous red tea pot.  The picture hanging on the wall is an Aboriginal painting given to us as a wedding gift.
My beloved cookbooks - I will admit I do not use them as often as I should but that is my new goal when we move house.
My pretty cake tins which are always filled with baked goods for our lunch box or an evening treat with a cup of tea before bed.
Our table in the lounge, filled with things from our travels and a little wooden cat curled up, which I picked up from a local shop in our town.
A hand-painted creation we picked up in Florence in Sept '11.
Two of our three painting we bought from Cape Town when we visit.

My picture board in the study - full of photos and sentimental bits and bobs which remind me of special memories.

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