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22 June 2012

The latest craze at the moment on DIY and craft blogs is creating your own canvas print.  I got my idea from Elsie Larson's A Beautiful Mess here.  I wanted to use the colour red to keep our theme going in our kitchen/diner but wasn't sure what quote to use.  I was standing in line for a coffee at work the other day and saw a mug with "Where there is tea, there is Hope" written on it.  I had found my quote. 

Here is how I did it.

Supplies needed
Canvas - I used 12" x 9"
Red Acrylic Paint or the colour of your choice
Vinyl letters
Modge Podge/Acrylic Gel Medium

You can use vinyl letters but I just printed the quote on a label (1 per page) and then cut the letters out using scissors and then a sculpul for the more intricate parts. Place them loosely on the canvas so you have an idea on where you will stick them.

Peel the letters and stick them onto the canvas.
Paint the canvas with a thick layer of paint and let it dry overnight.

Once the paint is dry, put a coat of modge podge or gel medium onto the canvas and let it dry.

Tip: When using paint there is more of a chance of bleeding which you can see on my canvas, using spraypaint would prevent this.

I am really happy with the way my canvas turned out - it is now proudly displayed in the kitchen as you can see above.


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