8 June 2012

My name is Claire, I am 25 years old and started this blog to help capture the little things in this life from cooking, taking beautiful pictures, creating and DIY and oogling over must haves which I probably cannot afford!

I live in Oxfordshire with my husband and two cats, Henry and Lucy.

The name of the blog is the meaning of my name.

bright (brt)
adj. bright·er, bright·est
a. Emitting or reflecting light readily
or in large amounts; shining.
b. Comparatively high on the scale of brightness.
c. Full of light or illumination: a bright sunny day; a stage bright with spotlights.

il·lus·tri·ous (-lstr-s)
1. Well known and very distinguished; eminent.
The little things makes life special - capture, enjoy and find them in everything you do.


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