The Cats

21 June 2012

My cats are my world. I love them with all my heart and I thought I should introduce them.  Henry and Lucy were born on the 5th October 2010 and we welcomed them into their new home on the 21st November 2010. As soon as I saw them at 4 weeks old I was in love. 

As brother and sister they get on very well and love playing together, chirping at birds from the windowsills and getting brushed.  Henry is more of a lap cat whereas Lucy prefers her own space.  It must be said that they are the most gorgeous cats in our neighbourhood by far!

Sitting at the favourite spot on the windowsill watching the birds

Lucy on her chair in the study.

Henry always likes to lie on the corner of the bed, preferably on clean clothes!

Henry's other preferred spot - the couch.

A beautiful close-up of Lucy.

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