The weekend in Pictures

7 June 2012

We spent the Jubilee Weekend in a lovely little village in Northumberland with family.  It was filled with laughter, good food and a bit of sunshine!  I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking...

IMG_8360 IMG_8350 IMG_8348 IMG_8334 IMG_8316 IMG_8310 IMG_8301 IMG_8245 IMG_8262 IMG_8249 IMG_8244 IMG_8239 IMG_8232 IMG_8228 IMG_8216 IMG_8203 IMG_8195 IMG_8187 IMG_8185 IMG_8183 IMG_8166 IMG_8160 IMG_8159 IMG_8130 IMG_8119 IMG_8111 IMG_8082

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  1. Clairey, I absolutely LOVE these pics, well done, it showcases a beautiful part of the British Isles (I may be biased on that one tho he he) and it captures a very special weekend and all its "Britishness" too, sooo many favourites, Jo, Margy and Phil all say well done too and I quote "they are lovely photowws pet" XxXx


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