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19 June 2012

The world wide web has what seems like billions of great ideas, inspirations and things which I would love to make and create.  Seriously - I daydream about quitting my job and just making, baking, sewing, gardening and home-making. A girl is allowed to dream....

Here are some ideas I have found recently that I can't wait to try for myself.

I love baking and giving my creations to friend and family, but I have always struggled to find a pretty and easy way to wrap my baked goods. This idea is easy and super cute. {Idea from Martha Stewart}

I love this idea - using vintage or decorative bottles to store washing up liquid - pourers are easy to come by and these would look great in any kitchen. {Idea from Martha Stewart}
There is nothing better than coming home after a long day and having an ice cold drink - this flavoured water is awesome and I love how Elsie has served them in Mason Jars too. {Idea from a Beautiful Mess}

We had the privelage of having two weddings so we have a healthy collection of wedding cards which I do not want to throw away but had no idea how to preserve them in a pretty way rather than just in a box. This idea is perfect. {Herecomesthebridgeblog}
I have a Canon 450d SLR camera and I do not have a proper camera bag. I do not like the way they look and have put off buying one. this is the perfect solution. pretty and does the job. {Idea from Make it and Love it}


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