A dedication to Henry

23 July 2012

Yesterday we lost not only a cat but a member of our family, a companion, a friend.  Henry suddenly collapsed yesterday morning, despite our best efforts and racing to the vet, we unfortunately lost him.  We are still in shock and poor Lucy is missing him terribly too.  It has been such a hard couple of days but looking at all the photos I took helps us remember what a silly, lovable and adorable cat he was.

He will me sorely missed - we gave him his favourite toy, a chewn little santa hat which he played with all the time, when we said our last goodbyes. 

We will miss his cuddles, watching football with us, sleeping on half the bed so we had to squish on the other half, watching him play with his sister and his crazy antics like climbing the doors and the cupboards.
Miss you buddy - you will forever be with us. x

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