DIY: Day 3

16 August 2012

WOW! I cannot believe it is Thursday already - it has been such a fun, hectic week but my word we are exhausted!

Things are coming along nicely - we are going to finish off the lounge tonight - realistically probably tomorrow night as well as finish off the small feature wall in the kitchen.  We have started to paint the downstairs loo which was originally a dark pink with navy skirting boards (what were they thinking???) to a cream colour called "Picket Fence" - love the name!

Probably won't post now until Sunday once we are all moved in - how exciting!!!

Couldn't resist putting up my pictures on the fridge!

DIY: Day 2

15 August 2012

Saturday is getting closer and we are getting more and more excited to move in! We finished painting the bathroom and we both love it - we just need to neaten the edges and do a few touch ups.

We also started on the lounge and decided on "Soft Coffee" which is looking good....
I hacked away at the bushes in the front on the house to allow more light into the downstairs loo and the lounge - it has made such a difference.  I felt like jungle women with my shears hacking away! I was covered in mud by the time I had finished but it was so much fun!

DIY: Day 1

14 August 2012

The house is ours, we completed yesterday.  We can't stop smiling!  We move in on Saturday so we have 5 evenings to paint, clean and get it ready.

Last night we arrived at our little house in the countryside c. 18h00.  We left at c 22h00.  It was a long 4 hours of painting and trimming the HUGE hedge at the front of the house which we want to get rid of.  It was fun but I am so tired today and that was only day 1.

We have decided (hang on let me re-phrase that), I decided (hehe) on quite a vibrant colour for the bathroom, Mani is not yet convinced but I am loving it and think it is going to look super awesome once its finished.  For the lounge we have chosen "Soft Coffee" - we didn't want magnolia or white and "Soft Coffee" is a lovely light brown.  We may do one wall in "Chocolate Malt" but will do so at a later stage.  We just don't have the time at the moment.

Some snapshots of Day 1.

After photo to follow tomorrow once 2nd coat has been done

London 2012

6 August 2012

I had the privilege of going to London 2012 on Saturday and what an experience it was.  My friend Rita got tickets and had a spare one going for Handball.  I got to the Olympic Park early to meet up with my friend Lauren Penny who is first reserve for the SA Womens Hockey team.  When arriving at the park I was blown away by the structures, the security and how well organised it all was.

I then met up with Neil and Rita and we had some food and then headed into Handball which was in The Copper Box, an indoor handball court.  The first match was France (World champs) vs. Iceland and the second match was Hungary vs. Spain.  The atmosphere was amazing and we enjoyed every minute.

Here are some snapshots from the day. Enjoy x

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