When you need a bit of inspiration

28 November 2012

Sometimes in life we need a bit of inspiration.  Something to pick us up, wake us up.  To kick us into action or make us realise how very lucky we are.  For me, sometimes its as little as a passing conversation, an experience, a book, a friend or even an advert...

The other day I was watching tv and an advert came on. It inspired me.  It gave me motivation.  It made me think.  I love it and I had to share it.


 Here are the words. Share this and inspire someone else too.

Welcome to life. The great unknown.

It starts with a cry… the first of many.

First step. First day. First time.

Childhood friends. Playground bullies.

Fractured families. Come of age and fly the nest.

Ambitions to be the best. Loss of innocence, life changing event…

Console each other, restore each other. Travel the world to find one another.

Keep in touch. Out and proud. The quiet, the loud.

We love. We hate. Build. Destroy Create.

Celebrate. Discriminate. Rise up and demonstrate.

We starve. Consume. From bus to boom.

The fast lane. Fast food. Bad moods.

We express ourselves. Undress ourselves.

Allow this life to stress ourselves.

We take life. We make life. Record it. Observe it.

Do everything we can to preserve it.

Break the mould. Make the rules. Choose a God.

Do not suffer fools. We share it. Grin and bear it.

Lose it all. Find the drive.

We strive to thrive because…
We are alive. Welcome to life.

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