Fun things to do with your Instagram Pictures

13 February 2013

I ♥ instagram. Who doesn't?
It's fun, easy and I love sharing my snaps with friends and family around the globe.
But what else can you do with your pictures besides look at them on your instagram feed?

♥ How about decorating your fridge with these pretty magnets?
♥ I adore these little books - these would be cute gifts or just nice to have on your desk or bookcase
♥ These tiles are just awesome and would love to put them up in our cloakroom
♥ Why not start your own shop here and sell your best instagrams?
♥ Or get some printed and make a collage on a wall or a border like I did here?
♥ Everyone loves a pillow and its even better when its personal.
These are pretty super awesome for your phones too.

The options are endless - I think I may need to test each of these to see how they turn out!

Happy instagraming!

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