My 100th post!

28 February 2013

I first started reading blogs about May last year.  Soon I was reading my favourites on a daily basis and learning html code etc and reading how to start my own blog.  Enter Bright & Illustrious.  I still wander if my blog name should be changed.  It is hard to remember and not subject specific but then again, lots of blog names aren't.  We will see.  The blog name came from the meaning of my name, Claire. It will do for now.

Looking back, I have made lots of progress from improving the design, writing regular posts (well trying to!) and getting some regular readers.  Although, compared to my favourite blogs my reader base is tiny.  But, we all have to start somewhere.

I thought I would share my favourite posts as well as my favourite blogs which I read on a daily basis with a cup of tea.

♥ I love looking back at this post and remind myself how much work we have done on our house
♥ My favourite brownie recipe like. ever.
♥ Remembering my once in a lifetime opportunity
♥ Need some good old romance?
♥ A must for a breakfast treat.

My favourite blogs can be found here - enjoy!

Thanks for reading my blog - pop back soon x

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