The Cloakroom

11 February 2013

Nearly 6 months ago we moved into our little home. We have worked very hard and still continue to do so to make this little house our home. We have just finished the downstairs cloakroom so I thought I would share our progress.

 photo fa83f57c-2874-4eb0-af1e-578cb4dbb36d_zps35e66be4.jpg

As you can see, it was dismal to begin with with dark pink walls, blue skirting, no basin, an old toilet and just plain dingy. We removed the door and replaced it with a folding one. We put a new toilet in and the cutest, tiniest basin you will probably ever see. We re-painted, added a shelf, some inspiration printables and finally my instagram wallpaper border.

I initially got my inspiration from Tori Jayne's cloakroom and then just added my own touch along the way. I wanted something bright and clean with some originality. We would like to put a new floor down eventually but the tiles will do for now.

 photo f0b9703f-8149-49d5-a14b-955347523066_zps17708d64.jpg

 photo IMG_0815_zpsf30016f5.jpg

We really struggled to find a border, I thought a grey border would go nicely but for the life of me could not find one that would go. So I thought of using my own pictures as a border - I researched all the different ways you can print your instagram pictures and found that Photobox were the best value for money with a 5 x 5 print for 20p each. It adds a personal touch plus I can swap and change them when I get bored of these.  The frames I picked up from a charity shop & the lanterns were from Burford Garden Centre's clearance corner, the towel and mat are from Next and the rest of the items in our cloakroom are off ebay. 
I love a bargain ♥

Happy Monday!


  1. Your cloakroom looks great! So happy to have inspired you...
    Have a sweet weekend! x

  2. michaelhardy591 July 2014 at 12:09

    Amazing cloakroom!
    I really like your idea of making cloakroom more attractive and easy to use in home. Also placing pictures is a very new thing for me. I have also purchased a single side cloakroom from an online store and now have a plan to make look of this cloakroom like yours.

  3. Cool changes. Everything looks more bright and colorful. I think it's worth the effort to invest in your home and make changes that make you feel more relaxed. Paint and other supplies can be purchased at a lower cost when coupons are used.


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