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8 March 2013

{See here for sources}
So you would have seen earlier this week that we have pretty much finished downstairs.  (Do a little dance!).  Now we are left with painting our room and the smaller spare room upstairs. We have decided to just paint the smaller spare room white and then depending on what we use it for in the near future, choose a colour then. If you want an idea - see here!

So that leaves us with our bedroom.  I have a pretty good idea as to what I want it to look like.  At the moment the bed, side tables and chest of drawers are the IKEA Malm range all in oak veneer.  We want something light and airy for our bedroom as it can feel a bit dark.  Here are some of my ideas.

I love these geometric shapes and colours - and the grey walls are just perfect.
Simple, pretty lamps from Ikea.

I have to make this with the pallets we have in our shed.
I cannot wait until it all comes together! x


  1. Great ideas! :) i'm obsessed about interior details as well. Check my Pinterest - you might find something inspiring as well :)
    Love the last photo! Will keep that! :) Thanks!

    1. thank you - will definitely check out your boards on Pinterest! Love your little blog by the way!


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