House Tour Part I

5 March 2013

We moved into our little home on the 18th August 2012.  Just over 6 months later and we have completed downstairs. (We only need to paint two bedrooms upstairs and then we are done there too - pictures to follow in a few months) Woohoo!  We have taken out the electric storage heaters, installed gas, installed central heating, painted the lounge, kitchen, stairwell and desgined my desk/craft space, hung curtains and blinds, bought another couch, a rug and a dining room table as well as decorating the cloakroom. And that is just downstairs! Special mention to hubby for making my desk for me - it is perfect for my sewing machine and studying space.  I ♥ it.  The result.....

 photo IMG_0951_zps926bf661.jpg photo IMG_0952_zpsfe45ae40.jpg photo IMG_0953_zpsc3051c66.jpg photo IMG_0965_zps8392be7d.jpg photo IMG_0992_zps75bc7fb0.jpg photo IMG_0980_zps2331c017.jpg photo IMG_0958_zpsd5ad1f10.jpg photo IMG_0962_zpscd45b9c0.jpg photo IMG_0982_zps2c33849a.jpg  photo IMG_0978_zpsbe61e38c.jpg
Inspiration has come from here, my Pinterest boards are filled with ideas I would love to make a reality.  I ♥ Pinterest.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Your house looks lovely! I love the living room with those huuuge and comfy looking couches! (I spotted a cat.. hehe). I love your craft/studying space - it's such a cozy corner. I love the big windows and the custom desk!
    And your kitchen? it's huuuge and bright and there's wood everywhere - i love it!!

    1. Thank you Marie! Yes, that is Lucy relaxing on the couch! I had to include her as she is "part of the furniture" hehe


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