My First Quilt

29 March 2013

 quilt quilt
I have finishd my first quilt and I can finally share my first major sewing project with you.  I am super chuffed with how it has turned out.  I worked hard, but it hasn't all been plain sailing.  There have been tears but I have learnt so much and have already bought more fabric to start my next one.  This quilt is for my little brother Conor as a gift for his Christening this weekend.  I love the bright colours and how it has come together.  It is approx 60 x 45" (150 x 115cm), perfect for a nap or to play on.  I hope little Conor likes it!

What I needed
Sewing Machine
4 spools of 100% cotton thread (I always use Gutterman)
Fabric scissors
Quilt making kit (I bought this one as suggested by Elise)
Safety pins
Straight pins

What fabric I used
I stumbled upon this beautiful online fabric shop, and bought this bundle and with the help of Emma, I bought this backing here too.  A big thank you to Emma for all her help.  Emma's Fabric studio is filled with beautiful fabrics for your sewing projects at affordable prices.

I bought the binding fabric from a local shop, Freelance Fabrics.

What instructions I used
I read this beautiful blog to get instructions on sewing all the squares together (even though Elise's tutorial is for a triange quilt (which I am definitely doing next!) and basic how to on quilting.

I read this to learn how to bind my quilt.
 quilt quilt
What I learnt
♥ Be patient
♥ If you are following instructions, read them carefully
♥ If you make a mistake - unpick it and start over or if that is not possible just try reassure yourself that it is called handmade for a reason. It is made with love and that's all that matters.
♥ Some of my sewing lines are not so straight - I think I need to sew slower when feeding the material through the machine.
♥ When binding the quilt, make sure you measure the seam allowance so it equal all the way round the quilt.
♥ Practice will make perfect!

So - what do you think?  I love it. I am proud of myself for finishing it. Who would of thought that 3 months ago I didn't even know how to thread my machine?  I am so glad I went on my sewing course!

Happy Quilting! x


  1. Claire that looks amazing!! I've always been too scared to try and sew a quilt, because they look so difficult to make. Yours looks so professional! Well done :)

    1. Thank you Kel! I am chuffed, it was hard in parts but it gets easier I am told. xxx

  2. love it congrats!!!!....inspired
    d x

    1. Thank you :) coming from you that means a lot :)

  3. So cute!! Love it, you did a fantastic job!!


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