On unplugging

9 March 2013

Do you every unplug from the world for a day? I love twitter, instagram, facebook, reading my favourite blogs and whatnot but sometimes I feel I need to unplug from the online world for a bit to reconnect, gather my thoughts and think about the stuff that matters.
It is important to have a break, enjoy something tangible - read a book, enjoy a cup of tea and a real conversation with your husband, bake something, go in your garden and breathe the fresh air, put on your wellies and take a stroll.

So on Sunday - I am challenging myself to unplug from the world of; updating my blog, seeing who has had what for breakfast on instagram, refraining from tweeting and finding out statuses on facebook.

I know for sure the husband will be happy - he is constantly on at me for being on my phone/ipad too much.  Because I live far away from my friends and family I think I feel it is my way of connecting with them.

So - will you unplug on Sunday? Take a break and do something with your time that you enjoy?Relax.  Think: Quality time.

Happy weekend x

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  1. Shall we both try to unplug in Ireland?


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