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10 April 2013

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I love searching on Etsy for finds to make our house a home - I love supporting independent businesses and buying homemade crafts, prints and lovely things.

The other day I came across this print from Bear and Robot (I bought the red one).  Now, I don't know if anyone else out there is also a Playstation widow but when I came across this print I HAD TO BUY IT.  I may be over exaggerating when I say I am a playstation widow.  Mani doesn't play that often and to be honest since I blog, sew, bake and cook I always have something to keep me busy.  But how often do I say "OK, are you going to turn that off now?" and I get "Yes, just 5 more minutes".  Classic.

My print came beautifully wrapped in tissue paper with a ribbon and a cute little card.  I unwrapped it at work as I couldn't wait until I got home! We bought a frame and have placed it above the TV.  We just need to add a mount but I love it.

Bear and Robot are a design team who have a fabulous shop on etsy selling original and creative prints.  They have a large collection from gamey/geeky to quotes, illustrations and fine art.  Here are a few of my favourites.

Why not pop on over to there Etsy shop and take a look.
Follow them on twitter to hear about any specials and keep up to date with new additions.

Thanks Bear and Robot!  I am sure I will be back soon for more!

Happy shopping! x

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