Fifty Years of Memories

29 April 2013

 50 Years of Memories

A very special lady in my life turned 50 recently and when I came across this project on this fabulous blog I knew I had to do it.  It was perfect.  It would be ideal.  And I love a good project.

My stepmom, Christine is a witty, fun and nostalgic person who loves to reminisce and what better way to celebrate her 50th birthday than to give her 50 years of memories.  So my Dad sent me a list of people who mean the world to her.  I sent them a message - I asked them to write and send me their memories they had of Christine, from her partying days, her school days, her working days, her time in South Africa, her time in England, her time in Ireland. Her time as a punk rocker, a PA and a mom.
 photo memories3_zps4c8c4d96.jpg
The responses came flowing in and wow - it was phenomenal the effort that some people went to.  And the stories I read have shed a new light on a Christine which I never knew existed...hehe
I folded each memory (sometimes a few) into vintage airmail envelopes I found on ebay. 
I numbered each one (1 - 50) with vinyl numbers - off ebay too! And then tied them into a bundle and placed them into a beautiful pink box covered in cupcakes and butterflies. 
I tied some ribbon around it and sent it to my Dad.
Ready for him to give to her while they were in Italy on holiday .

 photo IMG_1626_zpsb13b09d4.jpg
 photo IMG_1625_zps9bf7d646.jpg photo IMG_1641-1_zpsfd0ca677.jpg

A box of love, filled with thoughts, moments and friendship captured over fifty years.

 photo 303_zps5498fab2.jpg photo 305_zps4e939530.jpg photo 306_zps7becc18d.jpg photo 307_zps49d648f1.jpg photo 310_zps5bf80108.jpg photo 311_zps0a2fa880.jpg photo 2013-04-26125654_zpsf4a647c6.jpg photo 2013-04-26130944_zps0bdd7de2.jpg

Life can be crazy sometimes, I honestly believe its the little things in life that make it worth living.  The memories we share with people at different times of our lives are important to treasure.  For it is when looking back at these memories that we remember how we have got where we are and how these make us the people we are today.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to take part in this little project - I know for sure that Christine was overwhelmed by all the messages - long and short - it means the world to her ♥
In her words, "It's such an amazing gift, and one that will seriously just keep on giving as I read them over and over again."

Now - go make some memories or rekindle the ones you have stored away x


  1. What a wonderful idea. Your step mother must have been overjoyed with this very personal and special gift. Xo

  2. This is the most amazing idea! It must be so wonderful to have all those memories, I'd be looking at it over and over again!

  3. We just did the same thing for our parents 50th wedding anniversary - it's possibly the best present you can give anyone I think.


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