Putting my plan into action

24 April 2013

 get running

I had my consult with Emily on Wednesday which has got me feeling motivated and informed.  In short I have to cut right back on my cakes, sweets and chocolate and eat wholegrain foods rather than processed white foods.  I also need to start exercising 3 x week which I know I am going to struggle to do.  It's weird because in school I exercised almost everyday and my fitness was in tip top form and I really need to get back on track in that regard.

I am also going to start taking daily supplements, one of which is Omega 3 fish oils.  I bought some yesterday and took one before I left work in the afternoon.  I got home, chucked my bag on the dining room table and got to my evening chores.  Next thing I know Lucy & Tom (my beloved cats who I introduced on Thursday) was having a bit of a kerfuffle on the dining room table.  I headed over and discovered that Lucy had managed to get hold of these capsules and they were licking up the oil they had managed to get out of one of them. SO funny.  Anyway, I digress.

To help me along I have decided to hold myself accountable.  I was reading Elise's blog and she mentioned she enjoyed putting things on instagram to hold herself accountable as well as enjoying the pretty things she spots on her daily walks.  My plan is to go for a walk/run (I say this because I will not be able to run for 30 minutes straight! Let's be honest eh?)  The aim is to get my blood pumping, work up a sweat and make it a cardio session. 

I downloaded an app, Map my run to help me record my sessions. It's easy to use and helps me see where I have run and how far.

Want to follow me on my progress? Find me on instagram and twitter where I will be using #onmyrun to capture my sessions.

Want to know why I am changing my lifestyle? Check out this post here and here.

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