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9 May 2013

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So I started blogging on the the 3rd May 2012.  I just went back and read my first ever post.  So funny - and of course it was about my cats.  I cannot believe it has been a year since I started Bright and Illustrious and it has changed and evolved into my little space which I am growing and improving on a weekly basis.

I started blogging after I stopped drinking as I found myself a bit restless in the evenings, not knowing what to do.  I now enjoy keeping busy, always improving myself in all aspects of life and this blog helps me to do that. I can write about my hobbies from cooking, baking, running, gardening, sewing to everyday menial tasks and share my thoughts.  I can give you a peek into my slice of the world.

I have discovered so many amazing people since joining the blogging world.
I have found inspiration and ideas. 
I have found people I can relate to.
I have found people I admire.
This blog gives me something to work on, something of my own that I can share with my children and my children's children. 
I can also look back when I am older and see what I went through and what I accomplished.

On reflection, I thought I would share some tips I have learnt about blogging and how these have help me to continually improve Bright & Illustrious.

1. Be Yourself
When I first started out, I felt I needed to write about things or happenings that people would find interesting and while of course that is important to start a readership you also need to stay true to yourself and write honestly and about things which mean something to you.  "Just be yourself - everybody else is already taken".

2. Never stop learning
I had no idea what html coding, tags, sourcing and general etiquette of blogging was but I learnt. I read and continue to read a LOT and learn new things and ways to better my blog everyday.  I am sure one year from now I will look back and wonder why on earth I did things the way I did now but it is all down to experience and its the only way to learn.  Especially when you are self-taught.  There are many courses out there however and I took Elise and Elsie's Blog Design Love course which helped immensely and I often refer back to it for tips and reminders.

3. Develop your own style
It has taken me a while to develop a style for my blog which I feel represents me. I am actually still working on it but I do feel that my blog represents what I believe in which is capturing the little things, loving homemade and being real and honest.  I love interacting with people and learning from them.  I try to photograph my projects/posts in a certain way so if people see a photo they will think "that must be one of Claire's".  But it takes time and practise.  Which leads onto the next point.

4. Be Patient with yourself
It takes time to develop skills and make your blog into something you love.  Be kind to yourself but at the same time don't be afraid to try something different and experiment.  Maybe try a project if you have always wanted to, blog about something you are passionate about or go on a course.  By bettering yourself you will better your blog too.  But just remember to be patient.  It all comes with time.

5. Take a break if you need to
Sometimes, if life gets too much or if I have things going on like family/studying/work stuff I take a break and don't write on the blog for a few days.  It is good to sometimes recollect your thought, remember your priorities and start fresh in a few days/weeks. Lot of bloggers do this and one point in their blogging career and it just shows that you are normal like the rest of us!  You will come back fresh and rearing to go, full of new inspiration and energy.

Do you have any tips to share?  Please do leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Happy blogging x


  1. Congratulations on your blogging year, Claire, and all your achievements during that time. Pa and I are so proud of you. Lots of love.


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