A garden update

13 May 2013

Back in March I wrote about goals and inspiration for our garden.  I thought I would write a little update and let you know whats been going on.  Last weekend was just amazing weather and we took full advantage of this - it doesn't normally last long.  It made such a difference being outside and soaking up the sun, getting things done and enjoying the outdoors.  I just loved it and am so super grateful that we have a house and a garden that is our own to look after and cherish.

The back garden is huge.  But we are taking it slow.  We have to mow the lawn every two weeks and if we don't keep on top of it, it becomes a nightmare.  We have painted our shed and garden furniture which has made the world of difference.  We used Cuprinol Garden Shades - Seagrass. I cannot tell you how lovely it is to have a bit of colour in our garden

The front of the house used to be covered in ivy with bushes in the front and it looks a million times better but it still does not give off a cottage vibe.  But I have to be patient.  New windows and paving and a canopy cost money.  Patience is not my strong point but we will get there eventually.  Think cottage, trailing roses, flower boxes and lovely wooden windows with a canopy above the front door.  So excited to get this all done.

I then started on my container garden.  Ideally - I would like to dig up curving flower beds all the way down the side of the garden but this will take time - so I am starting small.  I got some gravel  and put this down which gives a lovely clean effect.  I planted some herbs, fuchsias, snapdragons and petunias which I bought and planted some Forget me Not seeds too.  I got some tomatoes (Tumbling Toms) and planted them in our hanging baskets.  

I also planted some petunias in our hanging baskets and they are sitting pretty waiting to flower at the front of our house.
So all in all - a busy and fun weekend. I am learning along the way and enjoy cultivating my garden and hoping to be able to harvest some tomatoes in the summer!

Happy Gardening! x

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