A walk in the woods

20 May 2013

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I am feeling so grateful at the moment.  Grateful for our house, our garden, our village and the walks we can take.   After a lot of studying this weekend and not feeling the greatest we decided to go for a short walk for some fresh air.  Our house backs onto fields which then leads onto a small forest and more fields.  You can do a 30 minute circular walk with some beautiful scenery.  The bluebells are out and just so pretty.  We saw a deer and a hare too.  The walk cleared my head and gave me the chance to practice with my camera again.  Here's to more evenings like this for the summer ahead.

Happy Monday x


  1. Loving all the little bluebell pics I keep finding on different blogs at the moment..

    1. Debra - I have just seen photos of your walk in the woods too! :) Bluebells are so pretty aren't they? x

    2. We are always moaning about how grey it is in our little country but who could complain when we have little gems like this :-)


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