A week in the life

24 May 2013

This week has been slow but relaxing, I haven't done much to be honest.  Except go to work everyday, make dinners, do chores and finish my assignment.  I do struggle not do a lot but sometimes in life it is good to have a break, to revitalise my creative energy and get excited for things to come.

We went for a walk and he made me a daisy chain ♥

I made smoothies for the first time in like. forever.

I studied with the aid of avo on toast and coffee.

I studied some more on the couch.

Mani mowed the lawn - I love our garden.

Lucy was just too cute when she was balancing on the top of our door.

Enjoying experimenting with salads.

I spotted some pretty wisteria.

Happy Friday x


  1. Hello, I enjoyed looking some stuff in your life lately :) Thank you for sharing these images. It made me realize and remember the last time I had a daisy chain... that was years ago! Hahaha! It's true. Doing nothing after days of being productive is okay. It's good to take a break for a while. :)

    1. Thanks Debie - yes I had a well needed break and now I am ready to get back on track :)


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