Making Milk Tart for World Baking Day

21 May 2013

 milk tart

So, I wrote about World Baking day on Friday and I am pleased to say the mission was accomplished.  It certainly was a challenge but I really can say the milk tart tasted fab and I would make it again.  I did have to re-do the pastry as I lined the tin too thick with the dough but you live and learn. Plus this is what baking brave is all about.  I also only made half the mixture the second time round as I didn't really want two milk tarts to tempt me!

I used the recipe provided by Dolce Bakery in Cape Town, however I did not freeze the pastry like the instructions said - mainly because I didn't really have the time or the patience.  It still turned out well though.

It didn't take long for the milk tart to set, which I was glad of because I could have a slice sooner that I thought I could.  I enjoyed it with a lovely cup of tea while I was writing my (third to last)assignment on Sunday.

You can see where Nikki also took part here - don't her cupcakes look amazing?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I've never heard of the world baking day before but I baked something on Saturday and yesterday... and I enjoyed lots of yummy homemade cake on Sunday :D The milk tart looks really yummy, I'll put it on my list of 'recipes to try'!

    1. Marie - you have to try milk tart - it is a traditional South African dish and you will love it! x

  2. It looks incredible. And it's exactly what I feel like right now with a cup of tea. I think Milk Tart is next on my baking list. YUM! Xx


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