15 May 2013

Firstly - thank you so very much for the many messages of support and love I have received since posting about being sober.  I was overwhelmed by the kind words and thoughts sent from all over the world.  It really blew me away.  So thank you.

I have gotten used to the fact that I don't drink alcohol now but I won't lie - on social occasions and odd days - especially when the weather is good - I would love to sit down with a cold beer or a glass of white wine.  So - I try to make my drinks more interesting and have come up with some really tasty and easy drinks which make the cravings go away.

Mostly - when I fancy something alcoholic its normally because I am just thirsty - so after having a cooldrink or water it goes.  Why not try these recipes and see what you think? 

Sunrise Mocktail

Get a large highball glass, add a few blocks of ice.
Fill up with half soda water, half Mango & Orange juice.
Pour a few glugs of grenadine syrup in - this gives the beautiful sunrise effect.
Top with a few mint leaves/strawberries/raspberries - whatever takes your fancy.

Mint & Strawberry Fizz

Grind a few mint leaves, a strawberry, lime juice and a small amount of brown sugar in your glass until the mint leaves are all squished (this is my favourite part - the smell is just amazing).
Add some ice (preferably crushed) and top with soda water and a piece of lime.
You can also add some grenadine for that extra sweetness.

You can really just use your imagination when making non-alocholic drinks - make it interesting and experiment with new flavours.

Happy mocktail-making! ♥


  1. these look really yummy! i'm not much of a drinker at all so i will be giving these a go when it finally decides to warm up a bit here :) x

    1. yes it needs to be good weather really doesn't it!


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