World Baking Day

17 May 2013

 world baking day

Did you know it is World Baking Day on Sunday?  I found out via this pretty blog and as soon as I read about it I just knew I had to take part.  I haven't baked in a while as I am trying to keep as healthy as possible since being diagnosed with PCOS.  But I figured I could bake to my hearts content and take my creations to work to share.  That way there is nothing at home to tempt me!

I first started baking when I was fairly young - I remember my mom baking cupcakes to take to school on a Friday when I was 5 years old for Bakerman on a Friday.  I remember her making these delicious muffins and these naughty bars.  When my parents divorced I used to go to my Dad's every Tuesday night for supper and always make brownies for dessert.  My friends used to come round to my house after school sometimes and I would whip up a batch of brownies and we would watch TV and eat the whole lot.  Memories.  I love remembering good times.  And that is why I love baking too.

Making something from scratch and sharing it with friends and family is the best.  I love experimenting with new recipes and sitting down with a cup of tea and a slice of something that is homemade.

This year, World Baking Day, which is being sponsored by Stork, is daring us to step out of our comfort zones and bake something that we have never baked before so to push our skills to the limit.  By answering a question on how often you bake you will be given a recipe based on that which might test you.  Based on my answer I was given level 27 - Coconut Carrot Muffins.  Sounds amazing right?  But I wanted something a bit more out of my comfort zone - I wanted to be brave.

So I chose the South African Milk Tart - Level 74.  Whenever I go home, one of the first things I do is pop to the Kwik Spar and pick up a Milk Tart.  But I have never made one.  So this is my chance.

I will bake my creation on Sunday and share it on twitter and instagram - remember to use #bakebrave if you are taking part too.

Are you going to bake brave this weekend?

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