A Hedgehog

4 June 2013

The other evening we spotted a hedgehog in our garden.  Yes! A cute little hedgehog was just wandering along the grass- I quickly put on my shoes and snapped some pictures of him.  I only used my ipad and the light was not great but is he not the cutest little thing?

So obviously as soon as I got back inside and ever since I have been researching hedgehogs and how to look after them.  They are actually endangered in the UK so it is important to try and help them out when you can.  I have a feeling he is living under our shed so I put a bowl of water out and also a few peanuts for him (or her!).

I have found some really informative and useful websites here and here.  You can feed them wet and dry cat food (as long as it isn't fish flavoured), small bits of cheese, raisins and a whole feast of other things.  Do not ever give them bread or milk!

I spotted him the other night again, he comes out around dusk.  I will try get a video of him but it is quite difficult and I don't want to scare him either.  Hopefully I can get some more pictures of him soon!  I think my favourite fact so far is that baby hedgehogs are called hoglets! Adorable!

Have you ever had a hedgehog in your garden? 

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