DIY Bird Box

17 June 2013

I am loving having a garden and one thing I wanted to do was to make it a haven for wild birds and animals alike.  So, I have a few feeders hanging in the big tree at the bottom of the garden which has made our garden pretty popular in the bird world.  House sparrows, robins, doves, magpies and jackdaws so far.  I must admit though - I prefer the smaller birds!  I then noticed that we have some house sparrows nesting in the outside wall of the house in a little hole.  Come winter we will have to block it up to prevent any damage but I knew then we should put up some bird houses for them to nest in.  We had some pallets in the shed which I had found on the side of the road so I got Mani to work.

There are loads of ideas on the internet for making your own birdhouses.  You just need to google "DIY bird box" and you are flooded with options.

 We didn't follow specific instructions but just read a few and then Mani just made it best he could.  It maybe isn't the prettiest bird box (I think it is but Mani is not convinced) but it does what it needs to and hopefully we will get some birds nesting in it next season.  I also like the painted roof which matches our shed and garden furniture.

I love a bit of DIY.


  1. Hope you get a family moving in real soon :) have a happy week!

    Bee happy x

    1. yes we hope so too! You have a good one as well! x


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