DIY Gallery Wall

13 June 2013

Growing up, I always loved having lots of photographs up on the wall.  My Dad and stepmom had a gallery wall in the lounge/kitchen and continue to have one and my Mom always had various pictures up in the house.  Looking back to my bedrooms when I was a teenager - I had loads of photographs of friends and family up on my walls.  I tend to find now that we don't print has many photos as we used to; what with everything being digital.  And when we moved home we knew we wanted lots of photos of our nearest and dearest displayed.  So we decided on a gallery wall in the kitchen. The hub of the home.

And we are super chuffed with the way it has turned out.  I had been collecting frames for a while, picking them up at poundshops, boot sales and the like.  When we finally had a good collection, we started choosing which pictures to put in them.  I found this the hardest part - but I chose ones which meant something and there are a few old favourite pictures (like the one of Mani laughing as a little boy - is he not JUST the cutest thing ever??!).

 I got my inspiration from Emma's DIY Gallery wall over on A Beautiful Mess as well as various layouts on one of my boards on pinterest.  We layed out all the frames on the dining room table and rejigged and swapped for a while until we found a good fit.

I love coming home and looking up on the wall of all our family and friends.  I am also looking forward to having a few get togethers in the summer with old friends so we can put some group photos up.

Happy times.

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