3 June 2013

Everyday I am thankful and super grateful for our house, our big garden, our village and think how lucky we are to have what we do.  Our little village and surrounds is so beautiful, we spontaneously went for a drive one evening last week and I snapped some photos.

As we used to live in a top floor flat, which was lovely, but especially in the summer, was so difficult.  Many a time we would open the windows and smell the bbq's and see other people being able to enjoy their gardens.  Yesterday all we did was potter (I love that word) in the garden, planted some flowers, Mani made a bird box and just enjoyed being outside.

Always be grateful for what you have - yes you can aspire to have more - but trust me - there are so many people who only dream to have what we do.

Have a happy week friends - can you believe it's June?!

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  1. Beautiful, you are lucky and it's nice that you appreciate it :)

    Bee happy x


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