Making our house a home

12 June 2013

 We have been making our house a home for nearly a year now.  I am beginning to slowly accept that while I wish everything could look perfect and they way I want it to NOW that is not realistic and not how life is.  But what I can concentrate on is what we have achieved and on reflection that is a lot.  We don't tend to splash out on things for our home but we knew our lounge was missing something and when we visited Witney Warehouse and came across this mirror we knew we had to have it.  Well - at first Mani was more adimant than I was. But I came round to the idea and I am so glad we got it.  It fits right in with our farmhouse, homely, rustic feeling that we are trying to create.

If you live in the Witney/Oxfordshire area be sure to check out the Witney Warehouse - their space is packed full of vintage and reclaimed items which are super awesome and really can make your house feel like a home.  Better yet - if you like their facebook page you get 10% off every purchase in the shop!

Happy Wednesday x

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