Oh, baby!

26 June 2013

So YAY!! Glad the news is out now - although many of you knew already because I am rubbish at keeping secrets.  And how can you blame me with such exciting news as this!  We found out on the 15th May.  I had been for an ultrasound as I have PCOS and I have a cyst on my left ovary.  Unfortunately it is still there but it's nothing to worry about and will hopefully disappear.  Anyway, after the ultrasound I just had a feeling.  The sonographer had mentioned that I had definitely ovulated that month (no idea how they can tell but they can) and I just knew.  So on our way home we picked up a test.  And it was positive.  We couldn't believe it and actually didn't at first! The next morning we took another and it was positive again.  I found it a bit weird that after my first GP appointment they just refer you to a midwife and then that's that.  No further tests or anything.  The home tests are so accurate these days, there is no need for anything else.

We are so super chuffed and quite surprised how quickly we fell pregnant as we were told it could take quite a while due to me having PCOS.  After I found out I got hold of my friend Emily who is a dietician and she helped me work out an eating plan which cuts out sugar and processed food and I got back into exercising.  I honestly believe that those 4 weeks of healthy living helped us get to where we are now. Without a doubt.

The first few weeks after I found out - the nausea hit and it was bad. I honestly do not know how I got through. And poor Mani didn't know what hit him. It was awful and I was like a zombi. I survived on cheese toasties and soda water. But it is so much better, I still get nausea most days but it is fading slowly. Now I just want to start organising and sewing quilts, knitting blankets and buying clothes!!

After our first scan on Monday it is beginning to feel more real.  Seeing the little one moving around, only 3cm and hearing the little heartbeat was beyond amazing.  It really is a little miracle.  We go back for a further scan in 2 weeks where we will get some ultrasound images.  We got some yesterday but as baba is still so small they are not very clear.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your messages and good wishes - we are feeling super blessed and cannot wait for everything that is to come.


  1. Ginger is good for nausea. I had hyperemesis gravidarum all through with C and practically lived on the stuff. Ginger tea, cordial, biscuits, in stir fry, soup, muffins.... get inventive!

    1. i might have to - today has not been a good day!

  2. Congratulations on your amazing news!! I remember being shocked by my first appointment with the GP.

    Me, 'Hi, I'm here because I think I'm pregnant'.
    Doc, 'OK where would you like to have your baby?'

    Haha, crazy isn't it?

    Try chewing gum for morning sickness and it can help if you start creating lots of extra saliva like I did. Yuck!

  3. oh wow! congratulations to you!!! all the best! stay healthy, happy and only positive! (:

  4. Congratulations on your pregnancy! It must be scary having PCOS and not knowing for sure if you are fertile. I had a PCOS scare before I got pregnant. Wish you all the best!


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