@ 12 weeks

7 July 2013

12 weeks today.  The little being inside me is now fully formed.  It has a heart, lungs, feet, legs and little hands.  It is moving around all the time, but it's still a bit too small for me to feel it.  Little baba is about 2 inches long now - a size of a lime.  It can clench its tiny little hands and curl its toes.  So much love is building inside me ♥

Since we found out, time seems to have almost stopped - it.is.going.so.slowly.  I know I should probably enjoy fitting into my clothes while I still do, although the past couple of days they are getting just a little bit more snug.  Exciting.  I cannot wait for a little bump to start showing, the first little kick, a flutter.  There is just so much to look forward to.

Thankfully, (now I hope I am not speaking too soon) the nausea seems to be subsiding.  Instead of all day sickness its just small waves which send me running to the bathroom.  I feel a bit more energetic.  Some days, my legs have felt so heavy, my tummy bloated, not being able to keep anything down.  These are the days which I also weirdly savour - my body is changing, I can feel it - its making room, making changes for a little person which will forever change our lives.  I keep finding myself wondering about what he/she will look like, eye colour, personality - I just want the very best for this little one.

Here are a few favourites at 12 weeks.

Great with Child by Beth Anne Fennely - a truly brilliant book.  Beth Ann writes letters about her thoughts on motherhood, babies and everything else to her friend who is expecting.  Eventually she was persuaded to make them into a book.  I am nearly finished and I cannot put it down.

Seven Seas Pregnancy Vitamins - I take these everyday without fail after breakfast.  They give me all the nutrients me and the little one need, the tablets are sizeable but swallowing pills has never bothered me.

Nameberry - scouring this fabulous website for names.  I can sit for hours reading out names to Mani.  I have started two lists; "If it's a girl" and "If it's a boy".  We already have some firm favourites.

Super Noodles - maybe not the most nutritious thing to eat out there but boy do they quench my craving!  Chicken flavour only.

Vegemite on toast - straight out the toaster, slather some marg on and then quickly some vegemite.  Eat while still hot - you will find me standing at the kitchen counter eating my toast in the morning with half a glass of chocolate nesquick.  I cannot leave home without this ritual taking place.

What to expect when you're expecting - an informative thick as a brick book which tells you literally everything you need to know about being pregnant, answering any and every question you can think of.  I keep it next to my bed and read it most days.

My plan now is to keep relaxed these next 6 months (haha).  Go to yoga classes.  Eat well.  Prepare.  Read, read and read some more and buy cute clothes of course.  And enjoy the last of the time alone with Mani - I still cannot fathom that this is the beginning of the end of an era.  But what is even more exciting is that this is the beginning of the most exciting adventure that two people can go through together.


  1. Lovely blog Claire. This articles nearly reduced me to tears - but not quite. I hope Mani is included in all these plans and relaxation hopes and will also enjoy the last of this time alone with you. Because in a few months time there will be a new boss in the household whose presence will dominate all that you do and think, and the way you are to Mani and the way he is to you. And that's before the birth! Good luck Claire and Mani.

  2. i loved the what to expect book too- so much info. was great to see you both yesterday - you look fab! see you after our hols xxxx Laura

    1. Lovely to see you too Laura - see you when you get back from your trip x

  3. What a beautifully written blog. And how beautiful you are looking - I can honestly say that I have never seen you looking so radiant, happy and contented. You two are at the beginning of the biggest adventure life has to offer, about to receive life's most precious gift. You are going to make amazing parents (of course, you have amazing role models). Can't wait to see you next weekend. Love you guys. Dad, Christine, Conor and AG. XXXX

  4. Congrats on your upcoming baby! That's so exciting! I CLEARLY remember the first few baby kicks of our 6 month old son. If you are at all interested in a natural childbirth I LOVED reading Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Child birth.

    1. Thank you Katherine - I will definitely get my hands on that book. :)


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