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23 July 2013

It's nearly the end of July. Where is the time going.  One minute the clock is ticking so slowly I swear time is threatening to stop altogether, the next it feels like its whizzing by.  The weather at the moment is divine.  I am talking short sleeves when I leave the house and sleeping on top of the covers, windows and doors wide open, colour in my pasty, white skin and I can feel my body soaking up the vitamin D.
My dearest mother bought me a ring and sent it to me - I love it.  She bought it from Karin @
Dear Rae Jewellery. I wear it everyday and it has become apart of my hand, so much so, if I don't wear it, it feels weird.  Do you know what I mean?  Like if you wear your watch everyday and then forget to put it on, you feel partly naked for that day plus the fact you keep looking at your wrist to see what the time is.

My tiny part of the garden with my flowers and veg are growing abundantly.  My tomatoes are green but growing and I just love love love my hanging fushcias.  They are my favourite.

The cats are loving the weather, we have started to leave Lucy outside all day (with food and water of course) and she is in her element.  We also have a stable door as a front door so in the evenings she hops in and out through the front.  I can't wait until we get our cat flap and then Tom can go out as and when he pleases too.

My bump is growing, my jeans are getting ever so slightly tighter and I can feel my tummy expanding.  I am at that awkward stage though where I don't look like I have a bump but more like I am getting podgy.  Can't wait for the proper little bump to start showing. How very exciting!  I have read some good reviews about Mama Mio over on Nikki's blog and they sell their products in the UK so might need to get my hands on the little trio kit or pregnancy essentials kit.

Happy Tuesday friends - make it a good one ♥

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