Avocado Tree Update #2

31 July 2013

So my little avocado tree is doing very well.
I am sure the very hot weather we have had has a lot to do with it!

Following the instructions I found on this blog, I pinched off the top leaves to allow for the smaller buds to come through and help it branch out a bit.  Once the tree is a bit taller I shall plant it in some soil and then see what happens.  I doubt that it will last through the winter but hey - I have had fun growing something and I have learned a lot too.

Maybe one day, if we live in a hot and humid country I can actually get to plant the tree in our garden - you never know!! ♥

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  1. your little avocado tree looks great! I tried growing avocado trees several times (pretty much every time I eat an avocado^^) but the avocado seed usually develops some roots and then starts rotting after a week or two :(
    my sister has an avocado tree that she grew and she's had it as an indoor plant for years :)


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