Happy Weekend

26 July 2013

It's Friday - the weekend is upon us and I just love having things to look forward to.  Tomorrow we are going to do a few chores and just relax mostly but on Sunday I get to meet up with some school school friends in Londontown and have a farewell lunch for one of them going on a 3 month trip around America.  Jealous much!? So admire her and I have seriously contemplated sneaking into her suitcase but what with me being just about 15 weeks pregnant as well as the husband probably noticing I wasn't at home, I decided against it.

I hope you all have something happy to look forward to for your weekend - enjoy it and make it one to remember ♥

P.S. Remember you still have a week to enter the PaperShaker giveaway!


  1. Claire hello its Daisy...
    How have i ever missed your blog....I am scatty but I have no recollection of visiting it before!! bad form from me...
    and my loss ...cos its just wonderful!!!!!

    wow AND a baby in January Congrats all the way then....xxx


    just popped by to say you have won my sewing giveaway....Congrats...let me know your details via email and I will get it sent to you....gonna follow you all over the place from now on!!
    ...am presently reading up on your past posts...

    bestest as ever have a superb weekend
    lots of love Daisy xx

  2. Just found your lovely blog via Miss Daisy Jones ... congratulations on your win ... am delighted to be a happy follower now too ... looking forward to future posts ... Bee xx

  3. Hi Claire congrats with your baby on the way and also your little give away. Look forward to sharing many more posts with you. Xoxo


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