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30 July 2013

So I go through phases where I read loads, then have a break, then reads loads again.  I have been through a lull lately and haven't read masses apart from What to expect when your're expecting and Great with Child.

But now I am getting into reading again and here are some of my favourite recent (ish) reads which I would recommend.

Gone Girl
There was quite a lot of hype about this book - I got it for the casual book club I belong to with the girls at work.  I found it quite hard to get into but after the first couple of chapters I was hooked and couldn't put it down.  I'm not going to lie - I was slightly disappointed with the ending but all in all a good read.

The Night Circus
If you are looking for something original - read this.  It was an amazingly brilliant book, which will send your imagination running.  I really enjoyed this and I loved the way it was written, the storyline and the mystery.  Love Love love.

The Killing
I started watching the tv series a long time ago but never got to the end.  So I didn't know who the culprit was.  I saw this on the shelves in the bookstore and immediately had to get it. This is the sort of book that will have you reading into the wee hours of the morning to just read one more chapter.  It will not disappoint and it this is one of the times where the novel is based on the tv series not the other way round.

Guilty Wives
It was ok, riveting at times - a classic James Patterson book - an easy read if you are looking for one with an average storyline.


The Hunger Games 1-3
If this is your sort of thing then you will love it.  I watched the first movie and then had to read the books.  I like a bit of fantasy but not like Lord of the Rings fantasy (I could never read those books - but I love the movies). I wouldn't mind reading the Twilight books too...hint hint Mani!

Do you have any books you can recommend?  I am looking for something to read next!! ♥

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  1. I have read, re-read, and still enjoy ALL the Janet Evanovich books except to the latest one which hasn't been released in paperback yet (hardbacks are too heavy to read in bed!). If you are going to read the Stephanie Plum Series, you must start with (number) One because although each one is a complete story, the characters and relationships develop further in every novel. All adventurous, humorous, improbable, and thoroughly enjoyable.

    Another novel I really couldn't put down is The Deadly Touch of the Tigress, by Ian Hamilton. The action hops round the world - Canada, Hong Kong, USA, Caribbean. A super read about an super forensic accountant, who is also a secret martial arts expert. I'm now looking for the second book in this "Ava" series.

    If you want any more of my recommendation you will have to email me Claire.

  2. Just bought the Night Circus for our holiday and so pleased that I have. Thanks for all the recommendations xo

    1. You will definitely enjoy it!! :) Have fun on hols! x

  3. Oh man - I LOVE hunger games. I've been reading Ready Player One by E. Cline. It's really great!

    1. oooh sounds intriguing - will have a look! Thanks Katherine!


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