@ 16 weeks

5 August 2013

16 weeks // 4 months // 112 days

112 days down, 168 to go.  When you think of it like that - its not a long time - at.all. (!!)  But what a wonderful, rollercoaster of a 112 days it has been.  All I can say is - hooray for the sickness being gone - that was hard - beyond hard actually - debilitating at times and I didn't even have it that badly compared to others who get acute morning sickness.

I am feeling a lot more energetic and less irritable.  For about 10 weeks, me and Mani were on a more of a "grit your teeth and bear each other" phase than a "we love each other no matter what" phase.  For about 10 weeks I was - how do I put this - a grumpy, irritable and irrational person who may have had raging hormones which may have been very hard to live with!!  But that trimester is done.  Now for the best trimester - the second one.

They say that the second trimester is when you feel more yourself, you have your energy back (most of the time) and you can begin to feather your nest and get ready for the arrival of this bundle of joy which is going to change your life forever.  I know I am going to say this many a time before this little one is born - but I still cannot fathom that at the end of this we are going to have a little being in our arms, in our lives for which we are wholly responsible for.  I cannot wait to feel my heart expand when we meet him/her for the first time.  It's just amazing.

We have decided that we are going to find out the sex of the baby - sorry for those who didn't want to to know - nowadays with facebook, twitter, this blog and of course my lack of ability to keep anything a secret, you are going to find out.  Hopefully our next scan on the 2nd Sept, the baby will be lying in the right position so we can find out.  To say I am excited might be a bit of an understatement - I am bursting to find out - then we can say him/her and she/he and really begin to think of names we like etc.

We are already thinking of what we need to buy, what we want the nursery to look like etc. and I can't wait to share all of that with you on the blog.  I have so many ideas and nowadays you do not have to spend a fortune to get your little one's nursery looking fabulous.  I do plan to sew, create and DIY a lot as well as buy things second-hand.  I love planning, organising and creating - if only I could go on maternity leave a few months early but such is life and money has to be earned!  I feel super grateful that I can have a year off and look forward to family and friends coming to visit as well as hopefully popping over to Cape Town at some point so all my friends and family there can meet the little one too!

Happy Monday ♥


  1. We are going to find out the sex too! Then we will have to come and visit you and your little one as I also get a year off :o)
    Exciting times xx


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