{GUEST POST} Words to live by from Ffion on Give Me Magical

16 August 2013

Hi folks, it's Ffi here from 'Give Me Magical' - I'm so happy to be filling in for Claire whilst she's off cruising round beautiful Sweden. I have some little words of wisdom for you today.

I am a bit of a dreamer, a hopeless romantic and a lover of beautiful things. That's the idea behind my blog - give me magical is somewhere i document the beautiful things in my life, it's somewhere that fuels and pushes my creativity and it's somewhere to collect all my thoughts, dreams and loves. However, every now and again, I get frustrated and overwhelmed and I lose all my confidence and momentum.

I never knew the 'bloggersphere' was so big. There is an obscene amount of talent out there – from the big-league bloggers who do it for a living to the hundreds and thousands of incredible, undiscovered individuals who blog purely for the love of blogging.
As i scroll through twitter, instagram, pinterest and my blog feed, I often find myself no longer focusing on the beauty of what they produce but completely intimidated by the perfect lives they appear to be living. I find it so easy to believe that these people’s lives are beautiful and perfect every second of every day. 

I get so inspired sometimes that it’s exhilarating but I can go online only to instantly feel that thrill disappear because I see someone doing it better than I think I can. I get so excited about making someone I love a birthday cake and crafty gifts only to go on pinterest for inspiration and instantly file the idea into a‘maybe one day’ file at the back of my mind. It isn’t even solely to do with blogging – i can find myself comparing my life to those in my facebook feed, I compare it to stories I hear about friends of friends of friends, i can even compare myself to people I see on the street.

There are so many moments of inspiration and possibility that are dampened by the small act of comparing myself. So this lovely quote from Theodore Roosevelt has become a mantra of sorts – when I compare myself to others, nobody really wins. By giving up before I’ve even started, I’m never going to get anywhere and the only person that’s really going to affect is me.

We are all unique, our lives are all beautiful, special and important. By all means, look to others for inspiration, aspire to be as successful as your idols but don’t lose focus on what’s important. Do what you do because you love it, do it because it makes you happy. Persevere and don’t let feelings of envy or inadequacy crush your dreams before you’ve even started.

Do not let comparison steal your joy ♥

Thank you to Ffion for sharing her wise words - inspiration at its best.  Don't you love her illustrations? She is one talented lady - be sure to check out her lovely blog to see more of her along with recipes, daily musings and her Sip by Sip series.

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  1. Ffion massively underestimates herself . . .she is a beautiful talented creative lovely young lady who makes a huge difference to our lives <3


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