My raging hormones: @ 19 weeks

30 August 2013

So it's week 19 and I thought I would share how things are going.  First, I cannot believe I am nearly halfway there.  Halfway to having a baby.  Eeeek how exciting and scary is that.  I must say though, I have really really really been struggling with my irritability, grumpiness and just not feeling all that motivated.

As soon as I feel myself getting irritated or slightly irrational I immediately try and calm myself and say "don't worry, it's just your hormones" or "give yourself a break, you're pregnant" but at the same time I feel a bit guilty for always using the pregnancy excuse.  I mean, is it just me who is extremently irritable or is it really my body's way of handling all the changes going on?

My poor husband - the kindest, most patient and understanding person I know must be starting to get slightly fed up with his wife constantly being exhausted, slightly cranky and just plain bleh with life in general (actually I know he is!).  But, maybe it will pass, this second trimester is supposed to be the best.  My belly is really beginning to swell now and the little motions I am feeling inside is our little baby kicking and squirming about, sucking his or her thumb and growing at a rapid rate.

Feeling those little kicks is the weirdest feeling - I can only explain it as bubbles popping in your tummy or a slight muscle spasm or twitch.  But they get stronger everyday and yesterday Mani felt him/her kick for the first time. It was so special ♥  We have our 20 week scan on Monday which will make sure little Choudhry is growing as he or she should as well as finding out whether baby is a he or a she.  Excited is not the word, I am just bursting to find out what we are having and can't wait to share it with you all next Tuesday.

We are starting to make a list of things we need to get, a cotbed, changing table, buggy, blankets, bouncy chair, nappies etc. etc. etc.  I have found some very useful blog posts about the must haves for newborns which is so helpful for a first time mom like me as I would just want to buy anything and everything that the market says to but at the end of the day there are actually only a few things which will be needed.  Elise's newborn essentials post and Vanessa's must haves are super helpful - thanks ladies!!

I also just want to say thanks again to the awesome Ffion, Chelsea and Laura for guest posting for me while we were in Sweden and again to Chelsea for guest posting for again on Tuesday.

And also a special mention to Bear and Robot - thank you so much for sponsoring the awesome giveaway which received a phenomenal amount of entries.  Congrats to Rebecca who won - enjoy choosing your print or totebag!! Remember B&I readers can get 20% off all prints using the code PRINT20 in their etsy shop.


  1. Oh look at your little tummy growing! Don't worry about Mani - he'll be fine as soon as the little one pops out and you get back to normal and you are allowed to keep using the pregnancy excuse - for once in your life you actually HAVE a decent excuse - make the most of it!!!
    lots of love xx

  2. Before I start rambling on, you look beautiful (or shall I say blooming marvellous!!). I so remember these days and it is amazing what happens to your body, mind and also those hormones. You should hopefully start to feel a little more energetic now and then it is just the last bit that is so so exhaustin (sorry). I loved it when my little babs starting moving and kicking inside, it is just such a miracle and we are so blessed to experience it. Enjoy these days as without wanting to scare you, you are going to feel a GREAT deal more tired when the baby arrives. I wish we had all our stuff, so I could just send it to you, but unfortunately it has all gone now. Happy weekend to you xoxo

  3. so so exciting for you - i hope it's all going well :) and thank you for having me, i loved your photos of sweden :) xx

  4. Hi, Thanks so much for linking to my blog! Glad the newborn essentials were useful to you :) One more thing to add to the list - dummies! I know a lot of people think "nipple confusion" but unless you want to be a human pacifier, get a few to soothe the little one! MAM are my favourite brand as they seem to stay in better.

    So you must know the gender now? How exciting!!


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