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20 August 2013

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to start a pregnancy journal to record everything.  I love being able to look back and reminisce about feelings, look at photos etc.  And since this is my first pregnancy, its such a special time - something that should be remembered.

I contemplated making my own journal, but that takes a lot of time and enthusiasm, something which I am lacking at the moment so I opted to buy one.  There are so many options out there and most are online which also made it quite hard as you couldn't actually see the journal design.  I did pop to a few shops to see what was available but nothing really caught me eye and I went back online. (Sods law, a few weeks after I bought mine, I did find it in a little independent book shop in Oxford!)

These two were in my favourite list when I was looking for one:

The Belly Book - I like the design but not so much some of the questions, it seemed quite American and didn't have much space for scans.

The Nine Pregnancy Journal - I like the design and feel of this one, however it is also written for Americans hence some of the pages wouldn't really be apt for anyone living elsewhere.  It is also very detailed and I wanted something more general.

There are so many others out there, some are filled with facts about your current stage of pregnancy which is something I don't want as I already have the "What to Expect" book which I have mentioned previously (its brilliant!).

So after a lot of umming and aahing I decided on Bump to Birthday and I am glad I did.   I wanted something simple, nothing too big and I was drawn to Bump to Birthday and it records both your pregnancy and your baby's first year which is filled with special milestones so its all in one place.  I love the design, colours and images - its just my style ♥

Here are a few sneak peaks of the inside.

Any other pregnant ladies out there who have a pregnancy journal?  Which one did you buy or did you make your own?


  1. Congrats! I adore your scrapbooking thoughts. What a superb token. :)

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